How to resize image in an component instance

I’ve got a component that uses a background image as part of it.

I’ve just added a mask below the image so I can crop the image within each instance of the component. However after checking the instances in the main file, I notice that the squares that you would grab to resize an image dont appear in the instances when I highlight that layer.

Of course if I detach the instance, then they appear and I can resize the image just fine, But I’d like to keep the connection to the main component if possible.

Is there a way to set this up so it works how I’d like? Or is it impossible right now?

Hi dear Sambo,

You can crop new image seperatly, copy image layer, and paste onto your component. See screenshots below. Just note that for copying image layer you have to click left side of image not on image. I have marked in the screenshots

Thank you for this, but I’m not sure if you understand my question.

My image is already in the component, but I’m trying to crop the image separately in each instance of the component.

I already have the last step you are showing in your screengrabs, but from that stage how do you crop the image within the instance? There’s no way to grab the corners when the image is inside a component like this, unless I detach the instance.

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Sear Sambo, I will apperciate if you share the file.
Did I got you right? You want to use the same image for instances, but croped diferrently, right?

Hoping to restart this old thread –

I believe what Sambo was getting as is that currently when you try to crop an image instance – it disconnects that instance from the main component, rendering the instance useless in a lot of use cases.

For my use case – I need to crop WIP images into many sizes – but retain the ability to swap the main image source later with a final version. But if I go through and crop all the instances, the linking no longer works and the whole point is rendered useless.

I’ve also had the same issue, heres the solution

I’ve also had the same issue, heres the solution

Sorry could you explain where that menu is? I need to do it for an SVG, I don’t know if that would make a difference.