How to resize contents proportionally when I change the parent frame

I think Figma misses this feature which is very commonly achieved in website developement.

When I have some card in a frame and that frame is resized, the card does not resize like it should or the way I want.
I know I can use Wrap feature in auto layout to achive the responsiveness,
but i want that way, so tell me whyy…:musical_note:

Here is a video of what I want

and here is where I am stuck

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out! Though I checked with our internal teammate, they also said you’d need to use a plugin. One of the popular plugins is this:

I know it’s not the best solution for you, and I hope you can make it!


by any chance this would be available in future updates

the link youve given is not a plugin but a community file/project

okay I got the plugin but it doesn’t help it only works well with images and not perfectly with interactive component cards