How to remove the recommended templates in project folders

I have an issue with the recommended template within the project folders. This is very annoying to have them show all the time.

Sometimes, projects files have many files, some pinned and other in the list below. This was already super complicated for the team to find themselves in all of that (already not the best UX IMO), but now with these consistently showing (late on top of that - which causes you to see something to click on, and then it drops suddenly when templates load), its a pain to navigate between folders.

If I need a template, I will click on the type of file I need and then select one. I am not consistently creating new files… It is not what I do most of the time, so stop asking for it and let me navigate.

Now as a solution, could we have the option, a preference, to remove them permanently? That would help greatly the work of those not creating a bunch of random files for fun.



Hey @Jc_Martel,

As shown in your screenshot, you can simply hide templates by clicking on the grey icon to “Hide templates”
Screen Shot 2021-10-29 at 9.12.56 AM


Oh boy… I was so annoyed that I did not even see that huge button :sweat_smile:

Thank you !

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