How to record user clicks and tap points on prototypes?

Hey, I’m doing some remote testing with my prototypes and recording the results over video calls, but I can’t figure out a way to see where my users are tapping and clicking. You know on testing software you can see little circles appear when users interact with the screen, is there any way of turning that on in Figma prototypes?


I’m also trying to figure the same problem out. I apologize if this comment doesn’t help, but I’m also experiencing the same pain point.

Figma’s prototype is currently not supported.
You can try miro.
I always use it for user testing.

You can create a First Click test in our internal tool Display. It’s free.
Clicks you’ll be able to see on a hitmap inside the test. But I have to mention, it’s unmoderated testing, user just get a link and perform the test himself.

How do you get clicks to display in miro?