How to nest a preview of a Figma design frame into a different file

I have a project that includes various design elements—emails, social stories and social posts. I am designing these in separate Figma design documents. Each individual item (post, story, email) is it’s own frame. In order to present these to the client, I want to create a separate Figma design file that shows the campaign. This will have multiple pages, each showing one or more of the design documents. For example, one page might feature an email and social post, another might feature two emails. I would like to embed a live preview of my email design into the presentation document WITHOUT making a copy of the entire email as I will NOT be making any design changes in the presentation document. For those familiar with Adobe, think of it as an indesign file presentation with the designs as linked Photoshop files. When I update the photoshop file, the indesign links are updated.