How to mirror wireframe edits on multiple pages

Im building an app, and have all the wireframes set up on Page 1.

I would like to now break the wireframes down into multiple pages so I can start adding the page relationships (The app is about 100 pages).

How can I make edits to the first page, so that those edits update on the other pages?

Maybe I am doing this all wrong. Any advise would be great!! Thanks :blush:

@Owen_Boller In Figma you shouldn’t move each screen in the app to a different page, you won’t be able to connect them to each other if you do that. All the screens (Figma frames) need to be in the same page if you want to add interactions between them to make them navigable in a prototype.

If you need a screen to be placed in many points of the prototype and you want all copies to update, you should consider making that screen (frame) into a Component, and duplicating it wherever you need to. When you update the main component, all copies (instances) of it will update at the same time.

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Thank you :pray:t2: