How to make the Footer Sticky & Header


I’m working on a prototype and would like to use Figma, but I have no idea how to make the Footer Sticky along with the Header Sticky on scroll. I can fix the position of the header, but when I try to make the footer sticky “clicking the Fix position when scrolling” it does not show-up in my prototype.

Anyone have experience with this?


Along with making the Position fixed, you have to play and maintain the constraints. If it’s a header you have to make the constraints top to either “Center” or “Left and Right” and click the bottom constraints. Same for the header except mark on the “top” instead of “bottom”.

Second thing to consider is that, The footer layer should be group into frame. Group does not work.


I believe I have answered your query. If not please let me know. I will try to make it clear.


Hi Thapa,

Thanks that worked out! I struggled to find an answer w/o asking to the community directly. I will be able to solve my problem now :slight_smile:

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I would suggest a more scalable and up to date way to do it via auto-layout.

  • Your main frame is auto layout
  • Your content frame is set to fixed height and vertical scroll in on
  • Make sure your content is taller than the frame height.

In this approach you can use auto-layout way better and have better scroll smoothness. That’s how I do it anyway


I am glad that it helps you out.

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This is so helpful! Thank you so much!

Hey first of all a huge thank you @Edward_Battistini for posting this video and explenation! But - very sorry but I don’t quite get this to work :sob:. Is there any way this could be explained more in detail? I am having difficulties setting up the content frame, and am not able to make it work :persevere:

Hope somebody can help me figure this out. Thanx a mill :hibiscus:

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Thank you!!!

Hi Ron,

I would like to know how did you make that sticky header effect. Do you have a tutorial to show me how to create a sticky header on Figma? I will appreciate it.


Thank you!!!