How to make elements retain their customization when switching between state variants of a component?

Hi there folks!

I’m facing some trouble with a component.

We call this component “Action” and it consume another component called “Avatar”. The Action itself has 3 states: Default, Pressed and Disabled (the Avatar also has a Disabled state).
Inside the action, we can customize the avatar using its variants (Icon, Monogram, Image) and when we switch the Action between Default/Pressed/Disabled state, the avatar doesn’t keep the customization. Is kinda confusing (and my english is not exactly good XD) so I recorded a video to demonstrate:

I’m also sharing a file with those components.
Figma file

Note: The avatar structure is not the ideal, but there is a hole system and projects consuming it, so modifying this component is real hard. :face_exhaling:

Hope you guys can help me on this one :smiley: