How to make component scroll under fixed header?

Hello, I couldn’t find any info on this so here I go looking for a solution.

So, I have a fixed header on my app, I added a pop-up component that has to stay on during the scrolling. But when I scroll down the component goes over the header and I can’t see how I can make it scroll it underneath.
I don’t know if the issue is clear but I can’t upload any attachments as a newbie in the community.

Do you know if is something fixable or if I have to go around in some other way?
Thank you in advance! :wink:

Hi there, thanks for reaching out to Community. If I understand correctly, I guess you’d like to fix the element. In this case, the YouTube tutorial could help you how to do so. There’re other resources here in the Figma Learn site, so I hope you can solve it! If you have further questions, please feel free to add comments:)

Toku / 徳永
Figma Support