How to keep pasted bullet-list indented?

Hi Figma fans

  1. I copy indented list from Apple Note.
  2. I paste this list on Figma.
  3. Problem => The list is not indented. :tired_face:

How to keep pasted bullet-list indented?

Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do here. In terms of plain text Apple Notes are using spaces and asterisks to indent bullet list. Try pasting in plain text editor and see yourself. There is no standard, all bulleted lists you see in apps depend on how developers implemented it. Also Figma is ignoring tab characters when you paste, so using other text editor won’t help you much e.g. pasting from Google Docs will just add plain list.

Thx @Constantine_Zuev for you answer.

I use Apple note to fast categorize ideas using an indented bullet lists.
When I paste them into Miro my bullet list stay indented. But not with Figma :cry:

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