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How to get FontAwesome working correctly?

Some of my files (desktop and web) are correctly displaying the FontAwesome icons - those files in the font dropdown I see FontAwesome 5 Pro (plus free and brand). No problems in these files

There is one file where in my font dropdown I see this:

  • Fontawesome 5 Brand

  • Fontawesome 5 Duotone

  • Fontawesome 5 Free

  • Fontawesome 5 Pro

  • Fontawesome [no other descriptor]

In this file I cannot get any fontawesome icon to render - I just get the text. Any ideas? The Figma team is unable to help me. I already sent in a support ticket and they said they can’t help with font problems.

Have you read this : Add icons to text layers with icon fonts

Alternatively you can use this plugin

Font Awesome Icons