How to export a smart amination done in Figma as a JSON/Lottie file?

Hello dear community,
I’ve created a 30-sec prototype in Figma using smart animation.
As I’ve seen that there’s no way to export any of that as a piece of JSON file from Figma directly, I had to re-create all those “smart animated” parts manually in Jitter, where I could export it as JSON. The problem began when I realized that Android and iOS couldn’t play those animations because I used SVGs for some graphics. Jitter offered to convert all SVGs to PNGs, and this workaround works only for the same viewport, which is not ideal, to say the least.

  1. The ideal solution for me will be to have the ability to export a smart animation from Figma directly in a JSON format.
  2. The second ideal solution will be to discover whether there is a motion design tool that supports Figma’s smart animation and is able to export the animation as a JSON format.
  3. The third ideal solution will be to discover a motion design tool that a) gives the possibility to re-create manually what I did with the smart animation, b) is able to export the animation as JSON, and c) above all, knows how to handle SVGs and make them somehow work with iOS and Android.

Any piece of help will be highly appreciated,
Thank you in the name of my entire team


I think you can do it with Principle. Then export into .gif or MP4 video. You can make it loop etc…

I wonder whether Figma plans to launch an update to make your animations export as .json or LottieFile possible any time soon?

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