How to dynamically create component instances inside a master component?

Hi, i’m designing a design library for one of our clients and have a question regarding dynamic components.

I have a sidebar navigation that I’m trying to turn into a component. This is what I have so far:

Individual link item component
This is the individual link item
This component has active and inactive variants

Sidebar panel component
This is the panel that the Individual link item components sit inside

The designer can drop the sidebar panel instance onto any design and edit the details within each Individual link item component. What they can’t do is add new instances for this component within the sidebar unless they detach it.

I would normally just have a set number of potential Individual link item components inside this panel and allow the designer to switch them off and on, however on their live site they have up to 20(!) links within this panel.

Sorry, but this is really just long-winded way of asking if anyone knows anyway in which I can add new Individual link item components dynamically?