How to divide a circle into equal parts?

I need to make a circle with different sections for text. I’m unable to do that as there are too many sections and details

I think your best bet would be to get the help of a plugin.

I like this one:

Figma has arcs out of the box, but you’ll need to do basic calculations for everything to be perfect.

Three values here are starting point, sweep (% of whole circle), and ratio (to do a donut). Set the sweep based number of parts you need. Remember, Figma supports arithmetic calculations in all inputs. Literally type “1/3” there and it will give you 33.33% as in my example. Now copy paste your arc. Next is to calculate what is this arc in degrees and add this angle to starting point angle. E.g. type to add this “+360/3” to your start point (90º+360/3). Hit Enter. Voila! Figma will rotate arc to its correct position. Rinse and repeat.

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