How to disable access requests Figma

I want to restrict access to my Figma project so that only people who I’ve added can access the design, even if they have the link. I’ve managed to do this, however I also don’t want for someone to be able to send a request to access the file.

How can I achieve this and is a plan needed for it?

Hi @Altin - generally speaking: anyone invited to a file/prototype will be able to invite other users (such as guests) on it at the same permission level.

For example, if someone has “can view” permissions on a file, they’ll only be able to invite other users with can view permissions. If you have edit access on a file, you’ll be able to invite other users with edit or view access.

If you are on an org or enterprise plan, you’ll have the ability to manage public link sharing more specifically in the way I think you’re looking for:

I see you filed a support ticket. Since I’m unable to see your type of plan and provide a more tailored response, support will reach back out to you via email with specific in your situation.