How to delete a file from the 'shared files' tab in Figma

Hi there :wave: I want to clear out my shared files page in Figma. I was given ownership of this file and I have duplicated it into my drafts but when I try to delete the shared file I get this message.


I am also stuck there, I was able to leave some of the files where I was explicitly added, but the files with “anyone with link” permission I am not able to leave them.

Can you try opening the file, and selecting “Delete…” from the dropdown at the top of the editor. Please see the screenshot below for reference.

If you are still unable to delete the file, please let us know so we can further assist.

Hi. I have the same issue. What’s gonna happen if I delete a file? Will other people lose access to it or not? Or this button delets a file just from my Figma account?

Hey Tessa - in your instance, are you trying to delete the original file that was a shared file? When you say you were given ownership, was it specifically transferred ownership? it may be that you were given shared edit access, and you can’t remove it because it’s technically not your file.

For Swapnil - Did you inherit access to the file? If you have inherited access to the file via a project or team, you need to leave that project or team to remove your access.

For Sergei – are you talking about deleting a file that you own, and have shared access with ‌other people? Deleting a file will remove the file for all collaborators, not just yourself.

I’d recommend everyone take a look at these help pages: