How to copy prototype & interactions variables to another file in Figma

Hi everyone,

I build a Figma plugin in order to copy elements with interactions using variables to a new file.
Here is the youtube video link (if you need subtitles):
And the video below

The plugin is able to recreate missing variables in the file and to relink them.
Figma might implement it in the next months but you can already try it today
It’s very useful if you made smart interactions and want to share it with people or reuse them on another file.

PS: I tried to make it work for maximum of cases & fields but did not test all the cases (especially component/instances interactions). Try & tell me if you encounter a problem.
If you have any remarks, suggestions/improvement, write them here :slight_smile:

Thanks for this. However, I see it creates but does not relink the boolean variable. It worked for the string variable.

Interesting ! Could you provide a file where it does not work with boolean so I can improve it please ?

If you have anymore feedback, or features you’d like, I’d be glad to hear them :hugs:

I also added the ability to reorder variables modes easily

You can drag and drop your collection modes and they will be updated accordingly