How to convert device screen resolution to Figma size?

Hello everyone,

Im designing a UI for android devices. i have 2 questions regarding this topic

  1. What size type does Figma use (frame)? is it PPI, DPI, Inch or anything else? (on the right panel for “W” and “H”)
  2. How do i know the size of the screen resolution to Figma?

Because from my experience and understanding, if i design a UI with lets say 1920×1080, when prototyping it is way too big to fit the screen. Correct me if i am wrong and please guide me friendly Figma community :smiley:


For Android, I determine Figma frame sizes based on the target device’s pixel density, then design in MDPI.

For example, the Pixel 6 is 1080 x 2400 at 411 ppi.

Focusing on that 411 value, that is closest to an XXHDPI screen (3x) which supports screens closest to 480 dpi. (I use the guidelines from Google below.)

So I divide the screen size by 3 to get a Figma frame of 360 x 800. Which, not surprisingly, matches the Android Large frame preset.

You could always design your screens at a higher density, but since Figma is vector-based, designing at MDPI (1x) seems to make the most sense + would keep your fonts at their proper sizes.

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Thank for helping out @ntfromchicago , It really helps me.

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