How to change the look of mouse cursor in figma prototype?

I am looking for a way to change the look of the mouse cursor form an arrow to a circle (more like a formal mobile presentation), but I couldn’t find an effective way?
Any one can help me out here??


But you can select a suitable mobile device in the prototype settings, and the default cursor will change to a mobile touch cursor.


Thanks, that helps:)
Definitely a feature should be raised up


Thanks! I could help a fellow student with this…and me of course, cause I couldn´t remember that! :grin:

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Thanks a lot. That’s great…

For those in a bind when recording a prototype, I found a work around. Download the chrome extension “Cursor Helper” and use the “upload cursor” functionality to upload a transparent png with this graphic.

If the link isn’t accessible, it’s basically:

  • 56x56px frame
  • 46x46px circle: #D8DADA, 50%
  • Dropshadow: x=0, y=5, blur=5, spread=-2, #00000=25%

Once you’re done and it’s turned on, just get the prototype URL using the ‘share’ button and paste into chrome. Voila, circle ‘touch’ cursor for your video.


Thank you so much! I spent 2 days, still couldn’t find a way to showcase the protoytpe without the background (recording a video), or with the white circle (gif adding a mockup png), now I feel so relieved!

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I totally get that! It took me a couple days to think of a work-around so I wanted to share it.