How to backup/export/download all Figma files?

As part of our organisation roadmap, we need our organisation data to be backed up in our inhouse server at a regular interval. We are working to take the backup of Figma files along with respective projects.

We have explored the Figma API documentation (, where we need to manually add the file key in the api (GET/v1/files/:key), which is not ideal solution and even after adding the key, we are getting response in json format, not the file.

Could you please suggest a way how we can take incremental backup of Figma files along with respective projects? Is there any option available to Export/Download all of our Figma files?


Did you ever find a way to do this via the API?

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Feel free to checkout our automated figma backup tool, Magicul Backup - Store & Backup Figma designs as Sketch, XD or Figma files.

Its a paid tool, but we directly backup to .fig files and we’re the only tool that does so.

Has anyone gotten a non-paid plugin way to do a local backup without the API?


Backup is automatic and easy with a hYCU integration

In our agency this is a real problem.
Like many other agencies we absolutely need to maintain a backup of the source files of our work over time.
The instability that a .fig file can have in restoring over time is a serious problem. If previously we retained the history of physical files such as Adobe, sketch or other, today we have no certainty of being able to restore a source file of important projects