How to add selection counter, and activate the 'Next' button when 5 options are selected?

Hi. I want user to be able to see how many options they already selected, and activate the ‘Next’ button once they selected five options. Can anyone point out how to do this?

The screenshot of the screen is as follow:

Hi, Ulfa.

If you want to do it like that, you need to use conditional and variables.

Here is a brief guide for it:

  1. Create 2 variables:
    a. Bolean Variable
    b. Number Variable

  2. Separate the string on the [1 selected] into [Count + Selected] and apply the variable count into the Count.

  3. Apply the boolean variable on the instance of the button component.

  4. On the Radio Button Component, add a click event on the unchecked radio button variant:

5.and add this event on the checked radio button variant

After doing this, the prototype should be like this:

Thank you for the walkthrough, thats definitely helpful. I managed to make the selection counter, but I still have not succeed yet in making the button activated after 5 selection. Weirdly my Boolean variable looks like this?

Do you mind sharing the file you did with me? Thanks so much!

Ahhh I just managed to do it! I didn’t set my Boolean variables properly. Mine was set to “Yes”/“No”, but the boolean variable is usually “True”/“False” so had to correct that one.

Thanks so much Raphael, soo happy! :grin:

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Sorry, I was out last night. But, looks like you manage to do it just fine :smile:
Happy to help!