How do i scroll onto a specific section of an image?

I want to have a rectangle in my project that holds an image inside it, when i scroll on that image i zoom into that specific image at the specific location i zoomed from, and i would also be able to move the image to see the rest of it.

i search everywhere and couldn’t find how to do this. anyone knows?

I believe you are asking “How can I manipulate an image with a prototype action?” There may be a plug-in to do this, but out of the box Figma can not do this. You CAN instead make a component that switches the views you want.

I would create a component with multiple variants of the image zoomed to how you want, each one representing the zoom levels (and named appropriately).

Then you can use a click, scroll, or whatever to switch between the variants. With the animation between them, it will look like a fade but for a user test or as a prototype it will be clear what is happening.

forgive me for i am new to figma.

what is a variant and how to create multiple of it?

is there a tutorial for that?

In your Drafts project, there are interactive tutorials for everything in Figma.

Here is the main Figma documentation on Components:

thank you for this.

Glad to help!

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