How do I make the dropdown display over other components?

Hello, newbie here

I am making a table with a dropdown option on one cell on each row but the other rows seem to overlap with the dropdown box, making the dropdown hidden behind the other rows. Please help! thank you!

I have the same issue. Please share if you have found any solution. Thanks

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I have the same exact issue and can’t seem to find a solution. As a customer, I’m extremely disappointed with this.

Hi @mungbean
I’m assuming that your are using an auto-layout frame to vertically space the row of your table. If you select this frame, on the right panel, auto-layout section you may click on the context menu, and then change the Canvas stacking for “First on top” (as shown below) so your dropdown will always be above the one below

If you are not using an auto-layout frame, well I suggest you do, then just change the order of your element on the left panel, so the line at the top of the table, is placed at the top of the layer panel