How do I make a pull up menu

I would like to make a pull up menu but i try many ways still can’t success.

Here is my sample, i make two component for this menu.
One is for close and open. One is for the pull up menu.
But when i test the menu, it just change between open/close and i can’t see the following pull-up menu.
I have tried different way. The result still fail. The menu become dropdown and the menu position not stable.
Sorry my English is not very well, hope i explained my problem clearly.
Thank you for help!!!

Hi @Joey_Lui

While taking a look at your file I saw that you’re not using the good component in the iPhone Frame. You’re using dropdown menu while you want to use Component 2

Concerning the position not being stable I suggest you, in Component 2 to:

  1. group all the option of the pull-up menu in an auto layout frame (e.g: options)
    so you’ll have your input and a group of options.
  2. make the size of variants equals (dropdown menu and open need to be the size of dropdown menu). This will resolve the position problem.
  3. While the frame of open variant suggest that the list of options is outside make sure it’s inside and the constraint of the list are well set (width: left to right and height: bottom)

Hey @Haroll , thank you for your reply!
Would you mind to explain the step 2 and step 3 clearly cause i still don’t get it.
Also, i try to use your ways group all pull-up menu to an auto layout frame and made a new component name “component 4”.
The resultl was same. The assest only can change between open/default, the pull up menu still missing.
Would you mind to explain more for me? Thank you very much!!