How do I make a frame come up from behind another frame when using the "move in" animation in a prototype?

Hey guys.

I have a problem with my prototype. I am trying to make a secondary left menu that moves in from behind a primary left menu. Is it possible to make it move in from behind another element (and ideally, also to start moving in from behind that element rather than from the left border of the screen)?

See the 5-second video - you’ll understand the problem.

Thanks a lot!

Unfortunately you cannot set the z-index for the overlays, they will always be on top of each other in the same order they get called. There are some workarounds you could try:

  • Create a component that contains the secondary menu animation and place it behind the primary menu, and then you can call its animation with Change To from the primary menu
  • Try making the primary menu fixed on scroll and see if that overrides the behaviour