How do I hide the bounding box around text layers?

I’ve got text selected in my layout, and am trying out various fonts using a Font Preview plugin, but I still need to see the font in context.

The problem is that I only have a second to evaluate how it looks like in context.

How do I hide that bounding box around the text layer, so that it doesn’t keep reappearing? In other design tools there’s usually a keyboard shortcut to toggle bounding boxes on/off, but I’m not seeing this in Figma.

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To clarify further - The bounding box gets in the way of me evaluating how my design looks as I cycle through different fonts.

So I take it there’s no way to do this??

It’s an issue for me too… how come they don’t have a fix to this yet ?!

Please vote for this idea here: Temporarily hiding selection outlines.

we also need that this doesnt happen just visually, but also that the text layer height is given by the height of the letters, not that bounding box, so that we can set padding and spacing relative to the letter height.

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