How can we present some of the screens from different pages on an "overview" page and keep them always up to date?

We have an app design, split into different chapters, using pages (onboarding, dashboard, functionality 1, etc.).

In order to present updated versions of this design and only use relevant “key” screens, we created an overview page to basically copy&paste screens from detail pages.

What would be the best way to keep the screens on this overview pages the same as on the detail pages?

The idea would be that if we edit any of these screens on the detail level, the overview always has the newest version.

We use components heavily and tried to just create local components out of the whole screen and then use these components on the overview, but this severly messed with the nested components, very strange effects in daily use…

Any pointers would be highly appreciated :blush:

Hi @Gerald_A, I’d recommend working with Branches.

Branches are controlled environments that allow you to explore changes to designs, prototypes, and libraries, without editing the original file. You can submit branches for review and once approved merge your changes to apply them to your files. You and your team can create as many branches as you like.

Within the branch you can safely explore changes and iterations, without disrupting anything or anyone in the main file. You can add, edit, or remove individual layers, components, or entire designs. Figma will keep track of all your changes.

Guide to branching here:

Hope this helps!