How can I swap component variant with object out of "variants" of component?

Hello, I need to set messege-object instead the first variant in component. How can I do it without magic?

When I’m replasing it (ctrl + r) it comes like this:

Hi Glumin,

Thanks for reaching out. I appreciate you ‌sharing the screenshot!

From what I gather, it seems you want to change one of the variants in the component set to the message-object(1) - frame named Message, which is located outside of the component set. If that’s the case, component sets can only contain components, so please turn the object into a component and nest it as a variant within that component set.

You can find more details here: Create and use variants
Am I understanding the issue you are describing correctly? Please let me know if ‌I’m missing any additional points or if my explanation is unclear. I want to make sure I’m fully addressing your questions.

Hope it helps!


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Hi, Junko3. Thank you a lot, I really got what I needed. I’ll show what I got.
The problem was that I didn’t turn the object in component, and he didn’t want to set as variant.

Now all what I have to do, it’s to set property to new variant, that I need and deleete previous variant.
Thank you!

Hey Glumin, Great! Thank you so much for letting me know, I’m so glad that you have found a fix!
Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help with.

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You’re an absolute life saver