How can I rotate my screen in present?

My design is a landscape screen, but I can’t rotate phone mockup when use present.

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Unfortunately, there is no way to rotate the device on the Presentation tab. You need to go back to the Design file tab, open the Prototype panel and set the desired device orientation.

“Note: It’s not possible to switch between orientations within a prototype. This is something to bear in mind if you have frames in your prototype across both orientations.”

Is it a joke?
I can’t even manually assign preview orientation for different frames?!
My prototype is a mix of landscape and portrait views, so you are suggesting I have to go in and change preview orientation every time I try to preview a frame of a different orientation?

Very poor UX design by Figma team


Rest assured, device orientation will work inside the mobile application. Not perfect, but it does a good job.

I think Figma should add an option to change orientation for a screen by adding an option for a specific screen setting - should not be so difficult and can add a lot of value.


I think we can test in landscape mode in Figma. Go to…
Prototype mode > select the device > to select the orientation (there are two icons for landscape and portrait). now you can press the preview button to see the orientation.

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Sem Título-1

Is this planned to be on the roadmap anytime the future? It’s important to be able to show seamless frame changes on desktop, especially when showcasing to clients to try to get funding…

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My application supports both vertical and horizontal screens. And I want to add a design that fits when the user lays down the device. Adobe xd works, but not figma?
Then you can’t even make a YouTube application with figma, is it right?