How can I publish updates to an existing plugin from a different machine?

Hi there,

A couple years ago I published a community plugin with my team. Since then I have bought a new machine which I have reinstalled Figma on and cloned the plugin repository onto.

How do I get Figma to recognize that the cloned plugin code on my new machine corresponds to the live community plugin? Right now I am unable to push the updates I have made to my local copy.

Make sure that the of the plugin in development is the same as that of the published one. Also make sure you are signed in to the creator or approved publisher account.

Thank you for the reply.

The manifest id is the same, and I am signed in as the approved publisher. Really at a loss here :confused:

What do you see after you click “Publish” in the drop-down menu in the Resources window?

It shows me the modal for publishing a new plugin, as though it’s the first time being published

Go to the plugin page in Figma Community. Do you see the “Edit this page” link? If you see it, click on it and go to the “Permissions” tab. Do you see your account listed as an owner or “Can update”?

Also try removing the plugin from the development list and reimporting the plugin from the manifest.

Where should I be looking for to see the “Edit this page” link?

Even for plugins I have the permissions to publish updates to I don’t see that option on the plugin’s community page. I have to use the “publish new version” option in the resources menu (under plugins in development), untick the “Publish a new version” toggle in the modal that comes up, then edit the description, etc. and save changes from there

Reimporting from the manifest didn’t change anything either, unfortunately :frowning: I wonder if it’s because the plugin is published from my team’s admin account. I have permissions to browse Figma community and publish from my team’s admin account, but can’t use the admin account to actually work within/edit a Figma file

In the right column under the Details section.

Unfortunately, I don’t know and won’t be able to give you any advice. But is this account the original publisher of this plugin?

The link I see under the right-hand column where “Edit this page” should be is “Report resource”, regardless of whether I am logged in and browsing using my company email or the Figma team admin email :sweat:

And yes, my team’s admin account is the original publisher of the plugin

Contact the support team for help:

Yeah I think I’m going to need to. Thanks so much for taking the time to try and help me, I really appreciate it