How can I connect 2 and more color styles in 1?

Situation: In design system I have a lot of color styles, most of them are dublicates of themself, how can I swap all dublicates of colors on 1 main color (the values are same, but name are diffrent).

Example on screenshot:

As you can see on the photo I got a lot of colors with a postscript “лишний” (excess), that means that color is dublicate of color in folder “нужные” (necessary)

I need to swap all excess color in project on necessary color and after delete the dublicates

You can create color variables from your styles ( then bind duplicates to a single variable.

Optionally you can safely remove styles, Figma will preserve connection to newly created variables.

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Thank you for your answer, but I don’t fully understand how a solution with options can help me?
And when you removed an extra color from the library, it was not replaced with the closest similar one, as you said. Or did I misunderstand you?

You need to bind color variables to your color styles, then you can remove styles leaving only color variables.

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still don’t understand, but thanks, I solved the problem. By simply replacing all the colors with the ones needed in the design system, in the project itself I will change the colors as the design progresses