How are you using Variables and Tokens?

We are a small team of 5 designers working for an ecommerce drinks seller. We need to sync our design system with developers and I am used to using design tokens studio for that, although we have created all variables in Figma (started only with colours) as we have 12 brands so Modes are quite useful as we need to easily redesign everything. But we would like to share this with developers as we did with Tokens through github. I am not sure how we can do this now. How is everyone using variables and sharing with devs?

Sharing design variables, including colors and other design tokens, with developers is crucial for maintaining consistency and efficiency in the design-to-development workflow. Here’s how you can effectively share design variables with developers using Figma and other tools:

  1. Export Variables from Figma:
    Figma allows you to export design variables directly from your design files. You can export colors, text styles, and other design tokens as JSON files.
    To export colors, select the colors in your Figma file, then go to the “Export” option and choose JSON. This will generate a JSON file containing the color values.
    Similarly, you can export text styles, grid styles, and other design tokens as JSON files.
  2. Documenting Variables:
    Create documentation for your design variables to provide context and usage guidelines for developers. You can use tools like Confluence, Notion, or GitHub Wiki to create and maintain documentation.
    Include information about each variable, such as its name, value, usage, and any related guidelines or constraints.
  3. Version Control with GitHub:
    Use GitHub or another version control system to manage and share your design variables with developers. Create a dedicated repository for your design system where you can store and organize the JSON files exported from Figma.
    Commit changes to the repository whenever you update or add new design variables. This allows developers to easily track changes and sync their code with the latest design variables.
  4. Integration with Development Tools:
    Integrate your design variables with development tools and frameworks used by your team. Many front-end frameworks, such as React, Vue.js, and Angular, support integration with design tokens.
    Provide instructions and resources for developers on how to integrate and use the design variables in their codebase.
  5. Collaboration and Communication:
    Foster collaboration and communication between designers and developers to ensure alignment and understanding of design variables.
    Schedule regular sync meetings or use collaboration tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams to discuss updates, changes, and any issues related to design variables.

By following these steps, you can effectively share design variables with developers and streamline the design-to-development workflow, ensuring consistency and efficiency in your team’s work.