Hover state not disappearing

I have seen similar issues others have had, but this one is a little more specific.

I have a button that triggers a slide out overlay frame.
I gave the button a hover state.
After closing the slide out overlay frame the hover state frame is still present on the button and no other actions can be taken ie. other buttons and hover states cannot be interacted with.

I tried adding mouse leave interactions but the problem still persisted.

Anyone else have this issue or know of a fix?


Have you tried swapping hover trigger to mouse enter?

I cannot reproduce this. Can you share a design where this issue persists?

Just tried this and same results. Thanks though.

This shows the hover state with a tooltip, when clicked the next image shows the slide out menu. then when the menu is closed the hover state persists and you can’t interact with anything else on the page.

I’ve built it how you’ve explained it, but still can’t reproduce this. Can you share a link to a design file that demonstrates the issue?

This file is just the frame where it occurs.

I see how you’ve done it now. Overlays aren’t really supposed to be used to change states of a button. It should done using interactive components. Place the button as an instance in your frame, and then link it to open the slide menu.

Here’s a demo:

Ahh I see, Thanks so much for your help!

You’re welcome! Consider clicking the checkbox under my previous reply to mark your topic as solved. :heavy_check_mark: