Hot to make responsive design faster in Figma? Any plugins?

I’m a graphic and web designer and educating my self to become a professional UX designer. After watching different tutorials for how to use Figma (I’m used to Adobe and other website platforms), I struggle to save time fixing each frames and groups with Auto layout to make each sections or layers responsive. It’s also very time consuming of need to copy-paste and adjust the web or app design for each device sizes. With other tools, this is taken care of with one design.

As designer, time is an important resource, and I must say, Figma is not on my side when it comes to saving time. Is it only me?

I try to find a plugin solving this time consuming issue, but still I have not figure this out, after looking into Figma for proximately one month.

Can someone please help me out? Why Figma has not solved this issues, when it comes to automatically adjust the design with automatically adjusting to different devices and keep it responsive?

I find this community awesome,

Hello @Marcus13

Well, Figma is a large software and it is focused on creating the experience, Other competitions are mostly able to create some pages and move on , In Figma, you can create products experiences as well as pages.

But In overall, Figma has some abilities for responsive, however perfect responsive needs redesigning.

1- inside auto layout, Use Fill containers this makes your boxes flexible .
2- Use constrains this helps a lot if your not running on Auto layout

There is a Plugin called Breakpoints that helps with Responsive design, But I have no comment on it, Test it yourself to see if it suits your desired outcome:

Hi Sohrab,
Thanks for very quick respond, awesome!

I just think, after watching a lot of different tutorials on Youtube, this issue are the red thread, when it comes to 1) have to make sure you use fill containers and other settings in auto layout 2) need to adjust the design for different/ each device sizes.

I hoped it was possible to make this in a better and faster way, so it would be more easy for the designer, as this part would stand for 70% of the work.

I will try to use the plugin you mention, thanks:)

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Your welcome @Marcus13

I agree with you to some point, but to be honest, Figma is a visual design for fast work, Thinking abut responsive needs coding logics, that needs to use specific containers to be able resize with desired outcome. In Figma we do not need that. That is why Figma and Webflow had a partnership before.

Please take a look at this video that explains a lot in short video on this matter:

Hi again,
And thanks for the video. I’m already following and watching this guy:)

I understand I should never start using WebFlow as I also find not good enough, when it comes to creating e-commerce sites, especially.

But what i mean, is that in a lot of projects, the stake holders, customers and most of all investors, need to see a prototype in action. Then need to convert the design mockups to be responsive and interactive for different devices.