Hot reload not working with React

I’ve been trying to use Hot Reload for a while now but it doesn’t update.
I always need to reload the plugin.

Is there anything I can do?


I have the same issue…

Same issue here. Not sure what needs to be done. The hot reload plugin option doesn’t get checked as per the documentation

I have same issue.

I have the same issue. Figma is only watching if the manifest.json file changed. So if you want to hotreload the plugin just change the manifest file or make sure the file gets updated somehow every time your build tiggers so the changed date and time of the file is new and Figma will reload the plugin.

This makes sense and sad at the same time. :smiling_face_with_tear:

It gets checked but only when you access the menu via rightclick somewhere and then you can select hotreload.

Ok, but this isn’t productive.

Is there any alternative?

Does anyone have a solution for this ?

I faced the same issue but it was from Webpack, not React.
Adding cache: false to HtmlWebpackPlugin fixed the issue of my dev environment.

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This not working for me.
My files ui.js and main.js are updating, but the Figma not listening.

If you are working with stylesheets, you might find my new package useful