Horizontal scroll enabled frames not seen in Design and Prototype

Hi All,

I added horizontal scrolling to two frames on the home screen. After making these changes I am not able to see these frames in the Design or in the Prototype mode. Could you please help me understand what the issue could be and how I could resolve it.

Thank you,

Hey Vandana, have you checked if the layers are on your frame? It can happen that the layers are outside of the frame, that’s why when you view the prototype you won’t see them. Also feel free to share a screen recording with the layers panel included so I can have a better understanding.

Hi Gayani,

Yes, it was outside canvas, but I checked the clip content and also set the Scroll behaviour to Horizontal in Prototype mode.

All layers are within the frame and not outside of it, and yet these frames doesn’t show in the Design or in the Prototype mode.

Hi Gayani,

I was able to resolve the issue. Here is how I resolved the issue.
I ungrouped the elements, and still these were not visible on the frame. I realised I may have Sent them to back inadvertently. So first I brought them to front. The elements were now visible on the frame. I then created the frame, clipped the content and then in Prototype added the animation.

Thank you, Vandana