Hope Dev mode can be used without Sign up or Log in

There is a problem that, my coding mates just need to know CSS, so they don’t want to Sign up an account for Figma.

But now, when I shared them a Dev Link, they must Sign up to use the link, not very convenient.

Hope Figma Dev mode learn Adobe XD’s link, that everyone can use it even they don’t have an account.

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  1. Inspect (even before dev mode) was never available to anonymous users.

  2. Dev Mode is gonna be a paid feature in the future.

So it’s unlikely it’s gonna become available to anonymous users.

Yea, payment is ok.
Designers like the bridge between Coders and PMs,
I can’t push them to use Figma as a…extra tool, cuz it’s not a full process used tool.
And sometimes my customers also wants to do some inspect, I can’t told them ‘wanna check? Sign up’ or ’ Please login with my account’ :no_mouth:

Unfortunately due to how Figma handles the payments, it’s impossible: a user needs to be paid for to access the dev mode, and if they don’t have an account there is no way to pay for them.

I agree with you. Now it is obstruct for everyone.