Hitting a 'Not found (404)' error when clicking 'Go to main component'

I am working inside a library, nesting instances of buttons, icon, links inside bigger components. Some of these button & link instances whose main component is in the same file with all properties intact show that the main component is in another file & is landing me on the ‘Not found (404)’ page. Why is this happening? I haven’t cut-paste them anywhere, and not all instances are doing this. This is happening in 1 specific page & not with all instances. Pls help ASAP!
Screenshot 2023-08-09 at 9.50.08 AM

Hey @Keerthana_Medepalli thank you for reaching out! Mind sharing a copy of your file with me?

Hi Gayani_S, I am having this problem too

Sorry, it is NDA protected, I updated the components manually, but can’t understand why this happened.