Hide variables from library

When you add a bunch of local variables for colours and connect them to the local styles you will have all of them twice when selecting a color from the local libraries.

The color styles are now below all the local variables

If you follow the instructions from this video he also explains that you then need to fase out local styles by disconnecting the local style and falling back to the variable. And then deleting local styles?

The local styles are now connected to a variable, so they show the correct code syntax when a developer views the CSS. I do not want to disconnect every color of every component and then have to communicate that to all the designers using the file as a library.

How can you keep using the local styles with the added benefit of the linked variable while not having the mixup in the local library?

Hey @Roozemond - admittedly, this one is a bit over my head, so I’d like to get you connected to our support team directly.

Is the email address associated with your Figma account the best one to get in contact with you?

Hey, it’s the right email. Sorry for the late reply I am not receiving updates to my post in my mail.

Thanks! I just got in touch via email connecting you with support. Let me know if you didn’t receive it.