Hide Google Fonts (feature removed, please bring it back)

This is actually a message for the Figma product team, unless someone made a custom exension for this (which shouldn’t be needed).

The ability to hide Google fonts from the font menu was removed with a recent version, see this screenshot:

It’s quite cumbersome to scroll through 1000s of Google fonts only to find our selection of local fonts.
I know we can type the name to search, but during font exploration we can’t easily memorize each font name and weight yet. And we hardly ever use Google fonts.

Why was this feature removed?
It would be a huge time saver if this can be enabled again.

You can now adjust which fonts you see in the font picker:

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@Gleb Wow, it’s well hidden!
Many thanks for sharing this solution, much appreciated.

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But how did it solve the issue though? When I pick “Installed by you”, it shows me only several fonts from my collection, not all my installed fonts. And my installed fonts are fully available only under “All fonts” where this carefully selected collection messes up in an ugly manner with this Google mishmash.

Why to force users into randomly selected stuff instead of allowing us to work with a clear list of our hand picked fonts? Does anyone know how to disable Google fonts, and keep only the fonts installed in the system? Thanks!

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Sounds like a bug, report it to Figma: https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/requests/new