Hide background color from components while publishing it to the library or using it as a nested instance

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is there a possibilty that i can hide for example background color from a component while publishing it to the library or using it as a nested instance. And i don’t want to use a boolean.

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Thanks for getting in touch. It looks like that feature isn’t available in Figma right now. To get a better understanding, could you provide some more details, such as your specific use cases or any issues you’re currently facing? I’m hoping we can find a workaround for you.


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An example could be that I have an icon library. Each icon is a component and has the color white. The fill of the component is blue.

After I recreated another component and used an icon in it, I manually turned off the color in the main component because I don’t want to have a fill. If I now change the icon via an instance swap, I have the blue background again and would have to switch it off manually.

So the question was whether you can turn off the fill when publishing or using ist as a nested component
if it needs to be used for two different use cases.

Thank you so much for the details! I’ve checked again, but it’s unavailable at this moment. If you wish, Feel free to also add it to the forum, so we can gauge interest from the community for feature request: Share an idea - Figma Community Forum!

Apology that I can’t help much.


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