Help! Unable to mantain icon size after instance swapping inside a new component

Hello all, I have a huge icon library with icons at 120px size (I know it’s not the usual icon size but it’s a necesity at my work for other reasons)the problem is when designing components if I add one of those icons to the component with the instance swapping property and I change the placed icon (at a desired size) for a different one in the library the new icon will be added at the original 120px size

I’ve tried creating an atom as I would on Sketch with the wanted smaller sieze for that component and placed that one inside the component but it will also break

The icon library was imported from Sketch so It doesn’t contain variations at the moment so I tried to go that route and run into the same issue, also tried to adapt the icons to figma by adding a 120px autolayout frame around with a fill property and assigned the icon inside a fix height and width, I know there must be something that I’m missing because I’m still very new to figma, so I would really apreciate if you could help me figure this out since it’s a big block at the moment.

Thank you for your time!