"Help! I need somebody, Help! not just anybody, Help! ya know i need someone Heelp

"When i was younger so much younger than today I never needed… "


No, seriously though i need help.

Please look at my screen shot here:
I do not have Interaction or Animate section in my prototype panel. I checked for updates, and Im up to date!

Could any of the Valhallians help a mortal viking like me?



Hi @Niall_Dooley do you have a Frame selected? You can check out more information about prototyping in our help canter article guide to prototyping here.

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for imput. It is selected yes.

Im not sure what to do.

Here if this makes anything any clearer for anyone to spare their two cents …

As it stands, a web design and figma newbie, I am trying to emulate a basic app navigational flow from a tutorial.

And the way seems to be peppered with road blocks. Its frustrating.

For instance i dont understand why the headers are moving in prototype when they are chosen on fixed… and why there seems to be 3 layers in the transition, like a ghost header floating past. Take a gluck.

Any seeds of kindness will be embedded in gracious rich soil.

Come good rain

It is probably because the layers have different names and/or different order on each frame, so Figma doesn’t know what to keep and what to animate when it makes the transitions. Make sure that the header has the same name in every frame and that it is the top element in every frame.

This solved it! They were all named the same but one of the frames had the layers one down in the order. Never knew that this would have this effect. You live and learn. Thanks Fernando!
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