(Help) Best way to work with components and libraries when you have loads of clients

(Sorry if this question has been asked before. I did search but haven’t found anything quite relevant or maybe I’m not looking in the right place)

I work for an agency and we do web and app design, as such we have loads of diferente clients with different brands coming in and out all the time. Whenever i get a new client what i usually do is copy over my styles and components into a new file and modify them to the new design language the brand has. This usually means copying components but losing all texts and color style linking and so i have to painfully fo through all my components and relinking them. For the colors i have a plugin called “Match fills to local styles” that makes that part easier. But for texts it’s not quite that easy and of corse takes a while.

Am I missing something? What is the best way to work with components, libraries and styles when you have a high client movement?

Hi @Marc_Robinson, Thanks for reaching out. I want to express my gratitude for checking out our community before getting in touch. Also, big thanks for sharing your plugin experience for Match fills to local styles!

While I’m not entirely sure I fully grasp your situation, similar to components or variables, (you might already be aware) styles can be shared by publishing them to your team library. You can create styles for text - font family, size, line height, and spacing.
This allows you to establish and maintain consistent styles across all your team projects.

These resources might help you gain insight:

Hope you find these resources useful! If there’s anything I might have overlooked, feel free to let us know.
We welcome any ideas or suggestions from our community, and I’m sure there are others with similar experiences, so jump into the conversation anytime!