Hebrew underline bumps with spaces

Hey I just wanted to know if there is a way to fix the underline bumps with hebrew
giving an example in photo below

when I switch to English it works perfectly fine but with Hebrew it bumps the underline down at spaces, Every Other character
I believe it comes down from underline placement for Hebrew language and all the other characters including +, - , !,@,#,$,%,numbers etc.

**Update: Figured out it was the Inter Text Font’s problem **
For everyone who has this problem - change the font of the text and it works perfectly fine
I personally use now Noto Sans Hebrew New

Hey Amit, glad to hear you’ve found a solution. I’ve tried this out as well and I was able to replicate this issue when I choose the font ‘Inter’, but when I switched to Noto Sans Hebrew I was not having problems with the space underlining.