Having issue with frame link


I have been facing issues since the latest update with frame links.
Earlier if I copied a frame link and opened the same in the browser it used to open in the app (as I have chosen while installing the desktop app) and show me the exact frame, but since I installed the latest update from Figma, it’s not working anymore and just opening the file and not redirecting me to the frame. Please help!

Thank you

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Hey Arjun, sorry to hear you’re having trouble!

We just tested this on our end, and it seems to be working as expected. By any chance, are you trying to create a link to a nested frame?

Links to selected frame can only direct to a top-level frame, group, or section (directly on the canvas), and not any nested frames in the browser.

I’m getting a similar issue. I can’t access the new advanced link options even though I’m owner on a page and site admin.

What’s the reasoning behind this? Is it an architectural/technical issue, or is it deliberate? I think being able to direct someone directly to a frame could be beneficial for many reasons, and I’m not really sure why you wouldn’t allow that…

A lot of my links are broken. If I copy a frame for reference to a ticket, then later throw it in a Section frame, will the link break? I’m thinking so because a lot of the time when I check old tickets or documentation and click on links it takes me to either the first page, or a nested page, but no frame or section. Quite problematic.

Hey @Zach_Ward2, sorry for the confusion!

This seems to have been a temporary regression. You can deep link to something within a frame or section using Ctrl/Cmd+L, when using the desktop app. In the browser, you can right click then use “Copy link”.

To answer your other question, wrapping a frame in a section after the fact shouldn’t break the link. We just reproduced that scenario, and it seems to work as expected!

How long ago were your previous links generated? Since this topic was from October 2023, it may be expected to have to refresh any links generated from last Fall or earlier.

This is not the expected behavior. People expect the links to take to the specific artboard selected, regardless of whether that artboard is nested or not.

I get the same error when I generate a link from an artboard that is contained inside a section. This behavior is not what anyone would expect. When we select a specific artboard and generate a link, we expect it to take to the specific artboard where it was generated. Can this be fixed?

Hey @Andres_Paz_Soldan3, sorry for the confusion!

As I stated before, this was a temporary regression on our part. You can still deep link to nested frames within a section or another artboard with the method above once you’ve selected the specific artboard.

We tested this capability again in browser and using the desktop app, and it is working as expected.

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Awesome, thank you, Denise!

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You’re welcome, @Andres_Paz_Soldan3!

Please let us know if you run into any further issues.