Hand off variables/tokens to developers?

Will there be a way for exporting all variables so that I can hand off to my developers?

If this exists already, how to do it?

The Figma Studio Plugin allows to download a JSON file with all the token definitions. I wonder if I could have the same for my devs.

The feature Dev Mode allows you to see which variables have been implemented while selecting a component. However, developers in my team would like a full list of these variables definitions.

Thank you so much for these new updates! Great work. I am fascinated with these new features. Love Love Love!


Hey @AC_Design,

Thanks for reaching out!

There is currently no plugin or feature to do this. As you said, it’s only possible to export a JSON file with all the token definitions at the moment (with plugins). Still, variables are quite new and we’re working on a lot of new updates/features for it (just like Dev Mode) to cover all the community needs and Variables export is one of them.

I have shared your feedback with our Product team to give it more visibility and although I can’t share an ETA for this or guarantee it will be implemented, I can confirm it will taken into consideration :smiley:

In the meantime, as a workaround, you could create a file regrouping all the different variables so your developers could click them all via Dev Mode but depending on how many variables you use, it might not be ideal.


Thx @mfelix! There are a couple plugins already in the market that help do the job - not great tho. Looking forward Figma’s approach!

take care <3

Which one? I’m interested and I don’t find it. :slight_smile:

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I’m looking forward to future updates from Figma here. For variables to truly be useful and close the gap between design and dev, there needs to be a way for developers to view a list of all of the variables within a design system. This is a very critical feature that appears to be missing, which causes a lot of unnecessary manual work.


Yes please, this is highly needed.