Group Tabs

If you open a lot of projects the tab strip gets crowded. Chromium browsers solved this by allowing to group tabs, maybe Figma could do the same ?


Oh yes please!

  1. I have many files open at the same time and grouping the tabs will help me to visually focus in on the the file I’m looking for.

  2. For example - the way you can now group tabs in google chrome.

Yes, I don’t use tab groups in browsers much but would find this features extremely useful in applications like Figma.

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If it’s easier for Figma to implement, If I could choose to just see the tabs from the current workspace and not get distracted by tabs from another workspaces, that would help me a lot along the way.

I was thinking the same thing today, as I work for three different teams I have several files opened and I get lost easily, specially when I am also prototyping. The group tabs would come very handy.

@Lucas22 funny to see your comment, as i work with 4 diff clients and i’m in the same boat. found a solution (kind of) yesterday actually.

i didnt know that, but you can open a separate figma window with File > New Window

so now i have 4 figma windows (one for each client) and in each window, i have the 3-4 tabs open for that specific client

i also put each window on a separate desktop on my mac so it’s easier, I just switch to Desktop B when i need to work on Client B and so on

i think it’s a nice way of doing things because before i had like 14 tabs open with the 4 different projects…


Hey Phil, thanks a lot for sharing your solution! I’ve been using figma for the past 3years but to my surprise, I’ve never tried to open a new window before, I felt like finding a new world now hahaha :rofl: at the same time it also made me feel an n00b.

This will help me a lot on shifting to different projects and to present them without the numerous tabs (specially because the files are JIRA tickets + Name) so it can get very messy.

+1 for grouped tabs, and better tab management in general. I cannot see the names of my files. I don’t want to close the tabs since that means I have to find the file and re-open it. Please make it so I no longer have to see this everytime I’m working.


I would love to see a feature where you can group Figma files into category tabs. This would help me organize if I have multiple files for one work stream! Google Chrome does it so nicely and I love it!

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This feature would be very helpful. I am working on multiple projects so a tab group for each project would help me organize and quickly access files.