Gradients: Can't choose library color

Hi there!

Since the latest release, June 21, 2023 I can no longer create a gradient from a library color. Previously, you could select from the dropdown to switch between document colors and library colors. Now that the tabs for “custom” and “library” are separated, there is no way to choose a library color for a linear gradient if the color isn’t already in the document. Suuuuperr frustrating. Hope this is something that gets fixed!

Anyone have a work around or suggestions? Appreciate it!


Yep I just came here to post the same thing! Hopefully it’s just a bug they’ll fix soon. Also, I wish they’d add more precise gradient controls, so you could enter the angle (eg 45˚) and placements (eg, 12%, 88%) via text entry, rather than dragging them around and estimating their accuracy.


Same! Always guessing.

I hope this image can help with your problem

No, what @Kristen_Abercrombie is talking about is setting gradient colors with existing colors in a library, not creating new gradient styles all together.

I think we actually clicked on the variables without noticing it. Look at the image and you can see that the variables are squares and the styles are round.

Correct, you cannot select a color from the library when creating a new gradient. The area outlined in this screenshot used to be a dropdown where you could switch between document colors and library colors.

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they mention during the Confiq event that when the version 2 comes they will have support for variable gradients and I assume that also means you can use the token feature that we now have. so color A and color B can become a gradient thats called Cool gradient for example.