Global live library sharing

we need this feature urgently


Our teams need this desperately. We are having to maintain two DS’s currently in each org and praying they “swap” libraries correctly when files are moved between the two organizations.

This is huge for our workflow. We need to share our library with external agencies often, and not being able to do so has a huge business impact.


Adobe Figma, please add an option to share a library file with either with another org or users from others org. It is bleeping insane not to be able to use resources from other clients or our own teams in other countries. Why would you even have this in place — WE should be the ones to have control on who can access our files, not you.


As an organisation that works with several third-party agencies, we have a need to allow them to use our library without duplicating, so they can still get the latest updates. It is also a better way to keep the component detachment rate low as if they work on a separate library, the temptation to detach is much higher, and our teams end up with deliverables using stuff that isn’t available in the design system and it generates unnecessary refactoring of work.

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I dont know if anyone is looking here. I think the best way would be get as much votes as possible?


We are in exactly the same situation. Our agencies also need to be able to work on/with our in-house libraries. So i really want this feature to become available as soon as possible. The way we share right now is not sustainable when it comes to consistency.

And again – same here. I am working in a big company with many business units. Each unit has its own UX team, own budget and own Figma organization account. Not being able to share the company’s design system across these organizations is really a show stopper for us currently. A central managed enterprise account for the entire company would probably solve the problem but this is an organzational nightmare and will surely take years to get this running. So please, Figma, let us share our libraries across organizations and pro accounts.


I mean we have workflow with zip files: exporting fig file, uploading, downloading, importing, publishing, swapping library, and asking all teams to do that each week after we will relese some updates, is that the correct way? :sleepy:

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Hi, we have the exact same need here in my company : we have an organization with a DS library and from time to time we work with external designers. We don’t want to add them to our team bc this creates obvious privacy concerns on the projects we have in progress.

We found a workaround that doesn’t seem logical at all: we invited the person as editor of the file, and once they accept the invite, they can use our file as a library in their own files.

Now the weird part: the person cannot edit the file, an alert icon is displayed next to the “can edit” dropdown into the share panel:

Capture d’écran, le 2023-01-24 à 11.13.58

The tooltip says “This person has a restricted account. They will be able to edit files when their account is upgraded”.

Here is what is displayed in our team’s user list: